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Volunteering At Christmas: Help Change Lives With These Amazing Charities Throughout December

Christmas has become a valid excuse to be bask in materialism. But it shouldn’t be that way.  Because for many people this year, Christmas will be a real struggle. “[It] can be an extremely isolating time for those without a home to call their own,” said Jon Sparkes, chief executive of homelessness charity Crisis. “Many of…


Big J’s Kitchen: Jemal Peters’s Journey From Young Offender To Selfridges’ Supplier

Better known as ‘Big J’, Jemal Peters is the man behind the street food-inspired condiments line Big J’s Kitchen. Supplying to Selfridges and working alongside celebrity chefs, Peters has come a long way from dealing drugs and being arrested for robbery on his 16th birthday. “We grew up kind of hard,” Peters recalls of his childhood…


NHS May Have Helped To Prevent A Recession-Related Spike In Cancer Deaths, Study Reveals

Hundreds of thousands of cancer deaths around the world may have occurred thanks to the recession – but the NHS may have meant Britons weren’t as badly affected. Unemployment and austerity were associated with more than 260,000 extra deaths of cancer patients in countries belonging to the Organisation for Economic Development (OECD), a study has shown….


Purple Community Fund’s Jane Walker MBE On How She Wants To Solve Britain’s Reoffending Rates Problem

“My heart’s been in rubbish for the last 20 years,” Jane Walker tells The Huffington Post UK matter of factly. “I tend to feel like this will always be my modus operandi. It’s amazing what you can make from waste.” She’s certainly not wrong. The 52-year-old Brit’s unusual career has been littered with other people’s…


The Real Junk Food Project Opens UK’s First Food Waste Supermarket

The good folk at The Real Junk Food Project (TRJFP) have already revolutionised the way we view food waste through their food banks and “pay-as-you-feel” cafés. But now they’ve taken their concept one step further, by selling food that would otherwise be destined for landfill in their very own supermarket. The team has recently opened ‘the…


#PowerShift Docu-Series Shows Importance Social Media Has Had On The Junior Doctors’ Strike

NHS staff are being empowered by social media to challenge the government and organise the biggest protest junior doctors have ever seen, the latest instalment of The Huffington Post’s ten-part docu-series reveals. The NHS and British Healthcare System episode of HuffPost’s #PowerShift series, hosted by Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, explores how social media has…