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Junk Food Advertising Targeting Children Should Be Banned On Apps And At Cinemas, Urges Charity

Children should not be able to see junk food adverts in apps, on social media or even in the cinema, a national kids’ food charity has urged. The Children’s Food Trust’s comments came after the publication of a World Health Organisation (WHO) report that addressed concerns around advertising in apps, on social media and vlogs. The WHO report…


Mum Photographs Children With Down’s Syndrome To Challenge Negative Perceptions Of The Condition

A mother has created a photo series to challenge negative perceptions of children with Down’s syndrome. Julie Willson, from New Jersey, US, said she had wanted to do a photoshoot for Down’s syndrome awareness since her sister Dina, who had the condition, died in January 2011, aged 35.  Wilson invited 11 families of children with the condition…


Six-Year-Old Girl Writes Adorable To-Do List For The Week Leading Up To Her Aunt’s Wedding

In preparation for her aunt’s wedding, a six-year-old girl penned the most adorable to-do list to make sure she was ready for the big day. Niamh Heneghan, from Castlebar in Ireland, gave herself tasks from Monday to Friday including fitness workouts and practising walking down the aisle. Other reminders included asking her mum how to…


Parents Are Aware Their Kids Eat Too Much Sugar But Don’t Know How To Handle Pester Power, So Here’s Some Advice

Parents are aware their children eat too much sugar, but don’t know what to do to reduce their intake, a report has revealed. A survey of 2,001 parents by Opinium Research for the Children’s Food Trust’s state of the nation report revealed when asked: “Does your child have too much sugar?”, parents answered “yes” for 50%…


Theresa May Told Off By Five-Year-Old Girl For Not Helping ‘Millions’ Of Homeless People

A five-year-old girl has called out Theresa May for not investing in helping the homeless, in a video posted online.  In the video Brooke Blair states she has seen “hundreds and millions” of homeless people on the streets and suggested that the Prime Minister should be distributing food or building houses. “My name is Brooke…