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Ikea Boss Says Paying Workers The ‘Real’ Living Wage Has Been Crucial To Improving Business

Paying staff the ‘real’ Living Wage and improving their terms and conditions has been crucial to the success of Ikea’s business, the boss of its UK operations has revealed. Gillian Drakeford told The Huffington Post UK that the firm’s desire to be a great workplace for its 10,000 British employees – dubbed “coworkers” by the…


Burn Survivor Shalom Nchom Made The Most Inspiring ‘Power Of Makeup’ Tutorial

Remember those awesome ‘Power Of Makeup’ tutorials doing the rounds (thanks to YouTuber NikkiTutorials)? One vlogger has just made the most must-watch video yet. Meet Shalom Nchom, aka beauty vlogger Shalom Blac. Nchom was only 9-years-old when an accident with hot oil caused her to suffer burns to her face, hands and shoulders, along with…


Six-Year-Old Girl Writes Adorable To-Do List For The Week Leading Up To Her Aunt’s Wedding

In preparation for her aunt’s wedding, a six-year-old girl penned the most adorable to-do list to make sure she was ready for the big day. Niamh Heneghan, from Castlebar in Ireland, gave herself tasks from Monday to Friday including fitness workouts and practising walking down the aisle. Other reminders included asking her mum how to…


This Tiny Earpiece Can Let You Understand Another Language In Real-Time

Not understanding another language is one of the single greatest barriers we have in communicating to the global community. While translation apps have clearly come a long way they still feel like barriers to a fluid conversation. Well now a company claims to have built an earpiece that removes that barrier by translating another language…


Pregnant Women Being Required To Show Their Passport Is ‘Dangerous’, Say Midwives

Plans to require pregnant women to show their passports before receiving NHS care is a “concern”, midwives has said. St George’s University Hospitals Foundation Trust has said expectant foreign mothers who do not have access to maternity services have been targeting the hospital in London. This has caused them to state they will endeavour to…


Javoo Is A Social Network That’s Changing The Way People Fight Alzheimer’s

When brothers Sam and Scott Rosenberg lost their grandfather to Alzheimer’s disease in 2013 it became distressingly clear to both of them that at times during his illness, they felt lost. Javoo is their response to this. It’s a social networking app which brings families and carers together to capture moments and ‘spark’ memories which…


Pregnant Women Are Taking Photos Of Their Bumps In Milk Baths Surrounded By Flowers

Mums-to-be have found a new way to document their pregnancy – by laying in a bath of milk.  Women are pictured covering the bottom half of their body so their bump prominently sticks out. They place colourful flowers around them and cradle their bump to produce the picture-perfect snap. According to photography magazine ‘Pop Photo’,…


Parents Are Aware Their Kids Eat Too Much Sugar But Don’t Know How To Handle Pester Power, So Here’s Some Advice

Parents are aware their children eat too much sugar, but don’t know what to do to reduce their intake, a report has revealed. A survey of 2,001 parents by Opinium Research for the Children’s Food Trust’s state of the nation report revealed when asked: “Does your child have too much sugar?”, parents answered “yes” for 50%…