Two-Year-Old Comforted By Dad’s Death With Teddy Bears Made From His Policeman Uniform

A toddler is able to remember his dad who died through two teddy bears made from his policeman uniform. Blake Snyder, from Missouri, US, died in September 2016 after being shot while responding to a call. His wife, Elizabeth Snyder, said their two-year-old son Malachi still doesn’t understand he’s not coming home. “Malachi has been asking…


Purple Community Fund’s Jane Walker MBE On How She Wants To Solve Britain’s Reoffending Rates Problem

“My heart’s been in rubbish for the last 20 years,” Jane Walker tells The Huffington Post UK matter of factly. “I tend to feel like this will always be my modus operandi. It’s amazing what you can make from waste.” She’s certainly not wrong. The 52-year-old Brit’s unusual career has been littered with other people’s…