Sainsbury’s Is Giving People Fridges With Cameras Inside To Help Curb Food Waste

Sainsbury’s is giving families fridges with tiny cameras inside, to let them see what food they’ve got at home when they are out shopping. The supermarket is giving 20 families a ‘smart fridge’ equipped with two cameras that take pictures of the contents of your fridge every time the door is closed. Shoppers can check the ‘fridge…

Children Can Be Identified As ‘Future Criminals’ Through Brain Tests Aged Three, Study Suggests

Tests can predict whether children as young as three will grow up to be criminals, claim a disproportionate amount of benefits or be obese, a 35-year study suggests. Scientists from King’s College London believe society could intervene to give these kids “better chances” after studying a group of more than 1,000 people until they were 38….

Children Should Be Shown Pornography And Sex Education Should Be Abolished, Says Dame Jenni Murray

Dame Jenni Murray has called for changes to the education system, including “abolishing” sex education and introducing “gender lessons”. The Radio 4 presenter, 66, said school children should watch pornography and “analyse it” – just like they would do with a book in an English lesson.  “I would abolish sex education,” she said during the Cheltenham…